maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Sunday stroll around the neighborhood

My foot is feeling much better so I took a short walk on Sunday to the nearby market place. It was raining a bit and it was already quite cold so I tied a scarf tightly around my neck. I also had my orange Turku-umbrella with me and decided to go with the red headband to still add some more color to the grey day. Do you think it's too much to combine two strong colors even if in accessories?

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Trench Promod | Scarf Global | Shoes Forever21

The scarf is a gift from my godmother and I really love it! Such a great color. The trenchcoat I bought in the spring at Promod to go with skirts and dresses. It's very different from the trenches I have because of the wide hemline. I think it's kind of cute though, ladylike if you wish!

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