maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

Pumpkin outfit!

Lauantain päivän asu! Oranssia kurpitsamarkkinoille.

This is what I wore to the town on Saturday. Decided to go with an orange dress just because it was Braderie du Potiron - Pumpkin street market! :D

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Dress & Shoes Forever21 | Cardigan & Scarf H&M | Bag from a little store in Antwerp
Nail polish Chanel Péridot, my new favorite!

And no, the shoes aren't really that pointy, don't know what I'm doing with my toes... But funny thing, they're exactly the same color as the bag which I find quite nice. The cardigan is quite new, found it at H&M. Perfectly warm and cosy with wool and mohair - I guess H&M is ditching the polyester rags and actually going more natural by the year. The knit looks very nice and the blend feels comfy so I have high hopes for this budget cardi!

The Forever21 dress was a disappointment but what can you expect from a 20 € dress. You can't really wear it without a scarf since the front is really crooked and the lining doesn't stay put. But I like the flowy-ness of the hem and the color so I decided to keep it and wear it with a scarf.

Arvaatteko jo, mitä tämä paperikassi sisältää? ;)
Oh yeah, and this is what I also got from the town, can you already guess what it is?

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